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Seatbelts Please


Suzanne Tyson

Goodbye, goodbye, Iím on my way to a new way of life,

a place, a start with a beating heart, Iím on my way.

This old life of mine just doesnít work for me no more,

and itís time to roam, move on, and find a new home.

"Seat belts please," the stewardess calls out, and so

here I go. Rising to the higher heights and up into the clouds and into the sky.

Goodbye to the sorrows for thereís a new day tomorrow.

Excited! Nervous! Anticipation! But maybe, just maybe.

The world waits for me. I feel engulfed in a dreamy trance

of romance, love and laughter. I ask myself again, why not take a chance?

Donít think. Donít blink. Donít miss a thing.

Flying. Flying high on life. Flying with airplane wings.

Carry me. Carry me far away to sights unseen

with my anxious heart full of hopes and dreams for the future.

I have nothing to lose

and I can make it up as I choose.

Iím young and ready. Iím young and running to somewhere

where there is a place for me to feel free to make my mistakes.

It doesnít matter to me.... Whatever it takes.

Thereís more to life than just surviving, and I plan on arriving.

Bright city lights below beckon me as the plane dips down.

My hands sweat, my stomach churns with every nerve in tune.

I will be beginning soon this new life of mine.

I have all I need. My youth and time. And so.....

Hello. Hello.

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