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Suzanne Tyson

Indecision is a curse! Yes, a curse!

Of all of the emotions, I believe it's the worse.

It begins with the feeling of a very small doubt

working it's way straight from your heart,

and then wiggles it's way to your mind.

By way of a question you know you must tackle,

it will stifle your mind through debating and waiting, musing and rating

until you finally feel you'll go mad.

Your mind becomes crowded with the pros and the cons.

Your life is a seesaw with it's ups and it's downs.

Should I or shouldn't I, could I or couldn't I?

Then the fear muddles, befuddles, each waking hour

and the hours of thought

and a battle of choices that you feel must be fought.

What in the world will I do and how do I know (for me!) what is true? !

Nights become long with tossing and turning with questions of what you
should do.

A simple decision of yes or no, stay or go, do or die, or will I get by

gives way to misgivings about even living.

Then confidence cowers. You have reflected for hours and hours,

and hours without a single decision decided.

You realize you're paralyzed and you don't have a clue,

and you even doubt that you knew what you knew.

Then those who love you begin to step in,

some with a frown and some with a grin

armed with their opinions and some of the facts

but then you discover from even your lover,

they cannot perceive, cannot conceive

the facts of your heart, and you find yourself right back at the start.

Indecision is a curse! Of all of the emotions, I think it's the worse.

So here is a warning if you wake up one morning,

and you can't seem to decide what to do,

Whining and musing adds only confusion and then to a terrible trial.

Forget it! Make a decision!

Right or wrong, then go on about life and just smile.

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