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Do Not Cry For Me


Susan Maree Jeavons

Remember when I was alive and do not cry for me,
for I had treasures on this Earth that were so heavenly!
Though I have had my share of woes,
the blessings far outweigh,
for God had many plans for me that took my pain away.
The sound of childrenís laughter was music to my ears,
and when I saw injustices, God helped to ease my fears.
With visions that inspired, he showed my goals to me
and with this special gift he gave I wrote my poetry.
Iíve held a tiny babyís hand and sang a lullaby.
I have walked in Summer rains, seen rainbows in the sky!
Of daffodils and violets, Iíve written poetry
and donít forget forget-me-nots that bloom there by the tree.
Iíve seen the eagle flying high, watched him soaring there!
Iíve watched a thunderstorm at night,
its power beyond compare!
Iíve watched a shooting star go by and felt a special thrill,
and I have seen the chickadee land on my window sill!
Iíve had the chance to see the world in magnificent display,
the Ravenfork and Mingo Falls and more along my way!
Iíve walked where laurel was in bloom
and heard the owl at night!
Iíve seen the oceans crashing waves
and felt its awesome might!
Iíve seen blue smoky mountains and valleys far below.
Iíve smelled the roses by the walk, made angels in the snow!
Iíve walked in puddles with bare feet
and laid in green, green grass.
With children I watched clouds above
and saw the dragons pass!
I have heard the mourning dove, smelled a honeysuckle breeze.
So many blessings I have had with treasures such as these!
Iíve had the love of family and friends to make me smile,
and I have seen such miracles in just this little while!
Iíve lived life to the fullest, and oh, it went so fast!
There was much more for me to do, but now itís time at last.
So remember when I was alive and do not cry for me,
for I had treasures on this Earth that were so heavenly!

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