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Love Me


Sue Lynn Wong

I cry myself asleep again
remembering all the pain
thought the anger was all gone
and then it resurfaces again

Feelings of anger and then despair
why can't I let them go?
lonely nights and sobbing cries
does anyone know?

I long to be in the sunlight
with no sadness in my heart
no low grade depression
slowly tearing me apart

I want to be full of joy
and brighten someone's day
I want to love and be loved
in a very special way

So I kneel and pray for answers
hoping God will hear
why did these things happen?
does anyone care?

I pray for insight
to see his master plan
asking for wisdom
so that I might understand

And now I have an answer -
to help all those in need
for I am not the only one
there are many more indeed

The pain is to be remembered
because I'm to help others like me
and if I didn't remember
the pattern would just repeat

God loves us all
and wants the very best
but he gives us tribulations
and puts us to the test

The test is to love each other
regardless of our pain
to act with love and compassion
without profit, loss, or gain

The test is also one of patience
for others in our lives
to teach them what we've learned
and listen to their cries

Especially those of children
because that's where it all starts
they need us more than ever
to heal their broken hearts

Because I was once a child
who was innocent and free
and I got my heart broken
by one who said he loved me

He beat me and put me down
and told me lots of lies
told me I was worthless
and would punish me if I cried

And now I'm an adult
but the damage has been done
and now my broken heart
comes from a different one

He says he loves me
but he beats me just the same
and the anger and the pain
all come back again

So now I see what I must do
to heal my broken heart
I must love myself
and with the other I must part

I must love myself
and fulfill my child's broken heart
doing all the things
that should have been done from the start

And as I undo
all the damage that's been done
I'll heal my broken heart
and the anger will finally be gone

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