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He Hankered After Nature


Solomon Machardson

He hankered after nature:
The pale gleam of the seashore,
The motionless sky overhead,
And the treasures of the starlight.

He hankered after nature:
The flitting light of the glow-worms,
The mild whispers of the elephant grass,
And the pleasure stream from the rainbows.

He hankered after nature:
The soft cooing of pigeons,
The smile of the sun through rugged clouds,
And the pale beam of the crescent moon.

He hankered after nature:
The wonder of the endless tempest,
The dizzy dance of the whirling sand,
And the splendour of the stars!

He hankered after nature:
Human beauty too, drew his yearning heart:
The ecstasy of rich tangled hair,
And the vibrancy of aquiline faces.

He hankered after nature:
The enchantment of big eyes,
The rapture of firm sizeable breasts,
And the mystery of gravitating heaps.

He hankered after nature:
The pageant of protruding bottom,
The poignancy of shapely legs,
And the excitement of muscle power.

He hankered after nature:
The insatiability of human desires,
The sweet freshness of a blooming maid,
And the unalloyed joy of a smile.

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