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Forever Mum's Baby


Solomon Machardson

Though I say amusing things
Which make the lips of grown ups
Flicker with hidden smiles
Yet, Mum treats me as a baby!

I search for hidden treasures
By the shores of the River Thames
And I build for myself sand houses
And play with shells on the pale sand.

Yet, Mum loves to make a fuss about me"
"Be careful, you will get lost in a crowd"!
She can't see that I'm a big boy now
And cannot get lost in any crowd.

She does not take Daddy to task
For buying her a present!
Yet, when I buy her a present
She scolds me for wasting money!

She buys for me the sweets she loves
As if I am still a baby!
For God's sake I'm six years old
And should buy the sweets I love.

She knows that I don't cling on her neck
Or cry not to be left at home.
Nor do I engage in child talk
Which nobody understands.

I know what to say when guests come
And what to say when guests go.
But to her, I am still a baby
To be watched, and guarded and clothed.

I guess to her I will never grow up
Even when I will have my family,
She will still treat me as a baby
In front of my wife and child!

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