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I am Human. I Yearn...Endlessly


Sheryl Joy P. OlaŮo

I yearn... for a place
Where no oneís big nor small
To be out of these
Thinning flesh and bones
To be stripped of this labored breath
Whose mortal wishes are unconceived
To be rid of this failing heart
With a silent beat
To be cut off the tangles
Of muffled train of thoughts
I want nothingness,
I donít want to feel.
I want to stop wanting...
To be unarmed of this
Deceitful face of steel
To cease the raging fires
Between good and evil in me
I am not vile, nor great
Just a soul begging to be free
I am my own heaven
I am my own hell
I am my own limitation
I am my own possibility
My hands are yet so small
For me to carve a mark on beings
With bleakness I am yet to fill
When a tear drops,
I am still much to blame
Iím in the midst of this tempest
Draining me of my name
If ending the sting of looming defeat
Could only be as simple as
The escape Iím wont to have

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