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Free To Be Me 


Sherry Ermish

I may not be a millionaire

Or own a mansion by the sea

But I am very rich because

You see I am just me

I do not need the fame

Or my name in marquee lights

I am just a human being

And I know that Iím all right

Maybe Iím not what you hoped

That I would someday be

But I am truly wonderful

And I wish that you could see

I have a heart of gold inside

If you would take the time to look

I donít need to prove myself

I try to follow the Good Book.

Now I know that Iím not perfect

But not one of us can say

That we have never erred

Or been blindly led astray

All of us have troubles

That weíd rather not admit

But we can overcome

If we truly do commit

I give the gift of me

To everyone I meet

I try to make a difference

In the people that I greet

Please accept me as I am

Donít change a thing in me

I am doing just fine this way

So please believe in me

I only want your love

Without conditions added on

I know that I am different

But that doesnít mean Iím wrong

I love the beauty in this life

The things that God has given

I find my joy in simple things

Like birds and flowers and heaven

I ask that you just hold me close

Know that my love is strong

We all are special gifts of God 

And I know that I belong.

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