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The Lady of Justice


Shelby M. Forrest

The Lady of Justice, in long, flowing robes,
So tall and straight she stands.
A blindfold hiding the light from her eyes
Weighing scales and a sword in her hands.

From the annals of Greek mythological lore
Comes a reason for sword and scales.
They were worn by the Greek Goddess Themis,
Insuring that justice prevails

In Egypt was Maat, the daughter of Ra
Who also bore scales and a sword.
And Justitia, the Goddess of Justice for Rome -
A blindfold, too, she wore

Innate is desire in the human soul
From birth of all mankind
For a never-ending search for truth,
And an equal justice find.

In Western Culture, this symbol of hope
And desire for fair justice remain -
A justice devoid of corruption and greed
And the blight of a prejudice stain

But times in our culture are subject to change
Moral values no longer as dear
And the misuse of wealth and power has
Become a recurring fear.

Let us sharpen the sword of the Lady
Let not dirt tip her scales
Let us keep them clean and pure to use
So Justice may ever prevail.

"Poetry written in metric rhyme
Can bear the wear of eroding time"

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