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My Walk to Emmaus


Scott R. Jones

One day I was asked to take a walk 
Down the road to Emmaus as we talked 
To learn about love and Grace she said 
And only Christ knows what lies ahead 

I went forth on faith and faith alone 
As I set out to go I was not alone 
Many brothers walked with me that day 
And together we traveled along the way 

Day one was here and I was dreaming 
Only to awaken with no phone ringing 
Separated from family and time left behind 
I knew I was here for the duration of the time 

Friendships were forming minute by minute 
As the Spirit of God was definitely in it 
Faces aglow among the crowd 
Were pictures of love that glowed out loud 

Day two was here and so was I 
No leaving now, I just wanted to cry 
Tears of love and joy would follow 
For all of us who drowned in our sorrow 

Prayers were said in silence and aloud 
For God was there among the crowd 
As we poured out our hearts to Him that day 
His love was abundant in every way 

Burdens were lifted and hearts rejoiced 
As brother to brother we stood by each other 
Now we knew why we were here 
To grow in Christ and never fear

On day three our hearts rejoiced 
Filled with God's spirit in our voice 
We sang and laughed a lot that day 
And cried some more along the way 

Friends for life we had made 
In Christ our love was made that day 
Hating to leave but we all know 
That into the world we must go 

The forth days were coming and we all knew 
That Christ will be counting, on you 
To live by His Grace and understand 
That to love each other is the way we must stand 

Bound by His Love and saved by His Grace 
This walk I took was a look in His face 
I am thankful to Him for showing the way 
To Emmaus we went with Him all the way 


October 14, 2000
Scott R. Jones

North MS Christian Camp
Emmaus walk # 127
Table of Peter Oct. 5-8, 2000

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