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Cindy's Fight Against Cancer


Sarah Meckel

Listen my children and you shall hear
Of a very brave woman who had no fear
Cindy died at just thirty-four
She lived her life and never so much more
Even though she is gone I still hold her dear

She always had such strong hope
She never laid around to mope
Cindy was always so much fun
Even when the clouds hid the sun
I had a very hard time to cope

She always listened to John Denver on cassette
She is one person I'll never forget
She was positive and very strong
With her I'll always feel that I belong
Being close to her I'll never regret

One of the past times she took up was knitting
This was something she could do while sitting
When I was a child, she made me sweaters, gloves and socks
My mother has them stored for me in a box
To say my aunt was caring is fitting

After talking with some pastors
She decided to go for her masters
Her master was in speech and hearing
I will always think of my aunt as endearing
Our time together went faster and faster

I remember when she lost her hair
Her beautiful head was so bare
She had to wear a brown wig
Deep in her soul she had to dig
To find the strength to go to the fair

She beat the cancer once but it came back
The second time was a worse attack
The cancer got into her brain
Soon all she felt was extreme pain
Life didn't give her enough slack

She worked with the deaf and the blind
Sometimes it was like she could read my mind
When the cancer progressed she got so frail
She could no longer teach others to read brail
She was always loving and kind

All day she lay in a hospital bed
And every meal she had to be fed
This made me hurt and made me cry
I felt like I was gonna die
I almost wished she was already dead

She didn't want cancer to win
She didn't want to leave her kin
Even though she fought with all her might
Sadly she lost the fight
I know she's in heaven she didn't sin

I don't feel it was her time
She had just reached her prime
The cancer was so bad she couldn't walk
Near the end she couldn't talk
She was green just like a lime

She knew that her cancer was very bad
But she didn't let it make her sad
She died October twenty- four
Her memory will live forever more
When she passed on peacefully my family was glad

When her time came she was ready to go
Even though we all said no
Calmly she took a breath
A few seconds later she met with death
We watched her chest fall from high to low

Even though she is gone I still see
That she is watching over me
She is an angel from high above
She always shows others love
Now I know her soul is really free

A hero gives examples of what we should be
They work hard so everyone can be free
A hero is brave and always stands tall
They don't always act like the know it all
My Aunt Cindy did all that and more, that's why she's a hero to me

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