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Missing You My Friend


Samantha Mullen

I hear your name, 
And I smile.
How I miss my friend,
It's been awhile.
The signals are saying,
I'm going to lose this fight,
The tears are flowing now,
That you are out of sight.
I haven't been dissin' you,
Whatever anyone may say.
I'm just anxiously awaiting,
For you to say you'll stay.
Your friendship means,
The world to me.
How will it be the same,
When you're so far from me?
I promise to always,
Drive you all the way home,
Even if you smell,
Far away from home.
I promise to protect you,
From balloons that scare us.
And I promise I will always,
Save you a seat on the bus.
I won't let stupid boys,
Set your hair on fire.
I'll never give up this fight,
Despite how I may tire.
Like the sister I never had,
My friend was always there,
I know that for her I will always,
Always, care.

Terrible is the person,
Who thinks evil thoughts at night.
Pain stricken is the person,
Who performs naughty tasks by his despite.

Tearful is the eye,
Which witnessed the pain.
Evil is the eye,
Which gives looks that can seem insane.

Maddening is the thought,
Given by the Devil.
Crazy is the thought,
Given by the Rebel.

Blissful is the lover,
Who has yet to be heartbroken.
Depressed is the lover,
Who has heard the words that weren't spoken.

Scared of what I really may be,
I guess that's what I am.
But this isn't what I want to be,
Why don't you give a damn.
I feel like I have to pay some fee,
Just to be me, Sam.
And sort of like the doors I see,
Are all beginning to slam.

But I'll be okay,
I'll promise you this.
I don't know what to say,
For you to believe me on this.
Just hold me awhile and stay,
Maybe on my forehead leave a kiss.
I hate to be so far away,
Because it's you I miss.

When I see you,
Make sure that you say,
That you miss me too,
And everything will be okay.
I need to know that it's true,
That tomorrow will be another day.
Please don't play me like a fool,
Be careful what you say.

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