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When 'When' is Not Enough


Rusty Broadspear

When one is wrapped in warm, fuzzy contentment
And the very air that's breathed, spins one, like champagne.
When dark, fuming skies appear as radiant as summer blue
And dilemmas, big or small, appear incredibly inane.

When a word within a line, pleasingly disturbs one
And a line within a verse, vibrates veneers rarely sensed.
When a poem holds a verse, so diverse, it makes one wonder,
How this veritable vibrancy, can be so charmingly condensed.

When the bumble of a bee, drones in the summer of a day,
As one languidly immerses, in a balmy, gentle dream.
When lines of briny mermaids, crash upon the shore,
One knows one's not alone, in this grand God given scheme.

So, does one take these virtues, seal them to one's heart?
Does one gratefully offer gratitude, with euphoric breeziness?
When good fortune tramps with fate, yet unknowingly frustrates,
Leaving one forever reaching, with hands full of emptiness.

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