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Violet Shades


Rusty Broadspear

A hand full of years ago

I moved into

Violet Shades Rest Home.

I like it here

I just donít like the company

Because Iíve lost some of my mind

You see.

I am aware of this,

And sometimes

My thoughts take a stroll

Or stride a strut

Eventually rolling into

A sticky, muddy rut.

Once, I had a life,

I was a wife,

But heís long gone,

Deader than a Pharaoh's finger nail.

Had three daughters

Got two now.

Mary who was childless

Was a victim

Of drunken driving,

She was the driver.

Jennifer had two kids,

Alice had three.

So thatís five Grand Kids for me.

Think Iíve seen two,

Donít know what they were,

But itís good enough,

Itíll do.

Like in the war

Jack went abroad,

Iíve never been abroad

I like it here

Nothing to fear

Only the way they tend to leave.

Foods good, nothing to chew

He got shot in Italy

He told me in a letter

But I already knew.

Every bag full of days

They do my hair

Thereís none on the top, plenty sides

And back.

A look in the mirror

Makes me laugh

Then I get wet,

It doesnít smell

Perhaps I canít tell

What the hell.

Sleep comes easy here

Trouble is

Not at night-time.

The noise them aeroplanes made

Made me nervous

And they were our planes.

I used to knit in here

But now my fingers are bent

Canít remember

Where the straightness went.

I think one kid was

A boy called Rod,

After a singer

Poor sod.

Perhaps without my cataracts

I wouldnít like this place so much.

Iíd like to see the Sun

Curtains always drawn

To watch TV.

Trouble is nobody watches

Theyíre always asleep

Or staring into space

With drool on their faces.

Donít feel so good today

Left my teeth in my bedroom

Could be a bonus,

Can grin and show my gums

To the nurse of doom

When she wheels in the pills.

Must go now then Jack,

This is only a mind letter,

Iíll get somebody to write it

It might read a lot better.

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