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Uninvited Yet Welcome


Rusty Broadspear

I never asked anyone into my heart.
She had a key.
And when she stepped in,
I stepped back
Feeling vulnerable, yet alive
With acceptability.
Such well laid providence,
Planned and meant,
From the time God
Seeded a thought of 'starting time.'
And she holds a light of sweet consent.
I took my days in blinkered haze
They came and then were gone.
I received her spirit via cyber thread
And since then my days have shone.
She carries such lightness,
Within wind-chime words.
Humour, outweighs righteousness
And at her very core,
Is a flight, a multitude,
Of freewheeling, soaring, summer birds.
This delightfully bright and wispy wench,
Waltzes into my dreams, day and night.
Just as she unlocked the key to my heart...........
Some time ago now
But still so fresh.
And although I maintain a silence..........
It all seems so very right.

I slept quite soundly,
Playing a part in a dream,
That was so interesting, as they sometimes are.
My eyes opened,
To moonlight through curtains
And the whitest feather I have ever seen,
Danced downwards to lay on my bed.
Far too precious to touch,
My dream pulled me back.
But now it was different.
Together and alone, she was so light,
With a breathtaking smile in her eyes,
That said 'we're in love,' so deep and so much.

And when I awoke,
The feather was gone.

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