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Twenty First Century Couple


Rusty Broadspear

This deep intense beauty was

Gradually, steadily, unexpectedly

Accepted as the norm.

Twenty first century couple,

And who would have thought.

Imagine a tropical island, if you will,

And one’s walked the beach

And about to walk into the sea.

The first steps would meet expectations.

Warm, comforting,

Or why would one go there?

But then ankles are covered

And there’s an ankle bracelet floating,

Occasional tingles, pleasant shivers.

The ribbed sandy base dips slightly.

Was that seaweed? Slight hesitation,

Not unpleasant, but…………

An uninvited sweet sensation…….

One turns around, sees the backdrop

Of rastafarian palms, golden dunes

Turns again bathing in the glowing embers

Of a dipping Sun.

Warm water, fingering the calves

Like a salesman,

Forging distrust, uncertainty, reservation,

Maybe time for two steps back

Always followed by steps forward.

Difficult times, for a

Twenty first century couple.

The Sun has dipped one dip too far

The sea reflects a host of stars

And way ahead a shimmering, distorted moon.

Water warmer and reaching thighs

Two pairs of eyes

Watch flickering skies

Then for the first time ever

They turn and face

And they study and question

For a stretched length of time.

This, they do as snowdrops blossom

As wars rage

As hearts are bonded and broken

Trees are felled

Species die

People recover from operations

Untold miracles occur

The world revolves

Turns round and spins

And the relationship

Of this twenty first century couple


For now they are waist high,

Face to face

And they fall

In deep


Drowning in bottomless depths,

Drowning in each other,

Finding each other

Exploring, feelers,

Resting on corals

Surrounded by beauty untold,

Unseen by others.

This twenty first century couple

Have found love

In it’s very purest form,

With only the power of potent words.

Carrying feelings deeper than any ocean

Or any emotion

They are indeed

The world’s first

Twenty first century couple.

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