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To be a Kool Kid in the Sixties


Rusty Broadspear

I am a student of the sixties
I am seventeen, male and going on old.
Beatles, Beach Boys and Stones covers
Keep me warm in a life that is cold.
I live in the sixties.
Not for me Eminem and DJ who,
But it's not just music you know.
I've learned.............
It was cool to be free,
It was cool to do drugs,
Be a hippie
Indulge in Flower Power
Be a student of Pop Art
Psychedelic maaan!
Listen to the spirit of the house brick
As it splits apart
To Mr. Tambourine Man
Or Strawberry Fields Forever
Beach battles,
Mods and Rockers
Take a flower maaan,
Make love not war.
Pop concerts, naked dancing,
Sport with streakers.
Yoko, Andy Warhol,
Kennedy's life and death.
Let's not forget
The mystery and magic and romance
That was abruptly taken away
And replaced with awe and wonder
When those blokes
Leapt with their heavy boots
Across the Moon.
Joss sticks, mini skirts,
Objections to war.
The cold war was freezing
But better than killing.
What made the Sixties different
As I see it as a student in the new millennium,
It was a momentary oasis in time
When the young g-g-g-eneration ruled.
This may not be much of a poem
But don't forget
I am only seventeen,
And they still try to p-p-put us d-d-down
But now they succeed.
I really don't want or need today
At seventeen
It's the sixties that I need.

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