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The Wild Man


Rusty Broadspear

The wild man’s temper unrestrained,

Shaking trees to their very roots,

Hurling sooty clouds as frisbees,

Lightening blazes in pursuit.


To hold your hand tonight, is not enough.

You want all of me

I want all of you.

Rhythmic passion,

Hold you tight

Hold me tight.



Moonlight skates thrashing meadows,

Between bouts of howling blackness,

When stars appear to race for succour.


Time awaiting, hangs in ribbons,

Afraid to intrude

Secluded intimacy.

Immense excitement, radiant coals,

Tender moments, sharing souls.


Streets, devoid of people,

Bare their very essence

To the tantrums of the wild man.

Crashing, rolling bins,

Banging, smashing doors,

Whirling dervishes of litter race

And then are no more.

Broken, snaking cables

Angrily hit earth, spitting fire.

Sirens wailing in the distance,

An unearthly, inhuman choir.


Whispers float from lips to lips

Smiles and eyes as one.

Such knowing privacy

Deepest abyss of love, as……

Ribbons of time begin to shimmer.

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