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Rusty Broadspear

To the tune of silent night,

On the anniversary of when a child was born

That promised so much,

Is difficult.

Death is but a gateway to heaven.

Was the ancient message.

It can be easier to love a stranger,

Than to love someone close.

Without imperfection in beauty,

Then with what, do we compare.

I think myself as imperfect,

But I give myself a value.

I feel its cold outside,

But don't know, for I am warm.

I feel starvation outside,

And I am so full.

Seen the latest Bond film?

I've heard its good.

Is it good on Christmas Eve,

To be full, happy and warm?

Is it good enough

To attend midnight mass,

Or to offer a coin to a collection box,

Or provide someone with a meal?

I don't know.

I do believe in the power of prayer.

The power of power.

But two people

On opposite sides of the planet

Praying for the same ends,

Take the power of power

To the twenty fourth hour

And get results.

Its gone, the midnight hour,

So must go.

Don't want to disappoint Santa.

Must sleep

And keep

These thoughts with me.

And when the time comes

That I am unwrapping presents

And you think of me,

Then forgive me,

For my heart will be still.

And momentarily, the seed of goodwill

To all men will be forgotten.

I'm sorry.

Christmas Day takes

364 days to prepare for,

And with my mind elsewhere

For 364 days,

Am I not allowed a moment?

I don't know.

I am a reporter

I feed on disasters

War and starvation

Murder and mayhem

At the end of each day

I pray and thank the Lord

For the power of powers

I sleep


And then feed again.

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