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Profound Beauty


Rusty Broadspear

A tsunami of bewildering beauty

Cannot elude me but overwhelms.

Sucks me into ecstatic delight.

I'm surprised but it seems so right

I acquiesce, no need to fight.

This splendour, rests upon my breast.

Silken sleep glides, hovers

As if to suggest,

Comfort, reassurance, home.

Such a tender, affectionate vision

Grows swiftly into the Mother

Of mother Earth.

Serene power, ultimate light,

Graceful, commanding movement,

With purpose

And messages to impart.

I punch a hole in the sky

As she stands so high,

On Earth and within my heart.

But the beauty within

Surpasses all boundaries

Words are futile.

Such privilege to be welcomed,

Into this private Temple

Of sufferance, goodness and light.

An auspicious meeting of souls.

Seeking, she cannot yet find.

Yet she's aware when steeped in prayer

Of two spirits,

Mystically, magically, infinitely,

Enshrined and combined.

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