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Owl Alliance


Rusty Broadspear

A tawny dusk dissolves, into the tweed of virgin night.
Wakening with renewed resolve, the owls take to flight.
Cocoons of silk, woven around seeds of promises made.
Sleeping minds paint abstract, of all they have surveyed.

Hushed hedgerows host a host of helpless silent birds
And what's been said, is now a cloud of floating, speechless words.
From darkest corners, beasties slip to regular nightly prowl,
Unaware, in a feeding frenzy, of the swoop of the hungry owl.

Whilst soaking sleep in colours deep, with free imagination,
Surrendered souls, free from control, due to sweet sedation,
Fly loose with owls. Blissfully unaware of the cold night air,
Exercising unknown, surprising, attentive and natural flair.

Such regular secret rendezvous, unknown to bodily pains.
Our owl alliance, recharges, enlarges and ultimately entertains.
Brings us forth to new days, when we waken to fresh Sun rays,
With more spued promises, never heard, 'til the virgin night betrays.

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