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Our Angel


Rusty Broadspear

Head tilted back
To the rays of the sun
Skin glistens
And flowers around
Bow, gently dance
As a bluebird feeds
Close by.....sigh
Bare feet on green grass
Hands clasped
Behind her back
Flimsy dress
Gently swings
To nature's pendulum
Eyes closed
She sees
Unconditional glory
Nests are abandoned
Lambs cavort as they grow
The concerned human
Loves, smiles
Raises children
Passes the baton
Of the Righteous Word
Hair hangs shining
So beautiful
Hedgehog dares a glance
Scutters into undergrowth
Bewildered but
Made his day
Sailing puff ball clouds
Cast brief strange contours
Across her face
Like fleeting doubts
But she has risen above
Is flying
And angels hold her hands
Above storms
Above all
She swoops and glides
And knows
She will never be alone
Her heart
Bursting with hope
Human concern
No darkness
No cold
No loneliness
She is becoming
Through dreams
Her very own Angel
Everyone's Angel
My Angel
I hold my head high
To see her so close
And I know
That all the World
Will forever
Be Summer
Flowers will ever bloom
Shadows shrink
To nothingness

Restless sleep
So deep
Reach out
Silently shout
She knows
Love grows
To be
Will always be
We are
Always will be
Silent voyagers
Adjusting sail
No reason
No whys
No questions
Barefoot on the grass
She stands
Our Angel.

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