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Life and Times of a Raindrop


Rusty Broadspear

And within the storm cloud that sails beneath the Sun
There is deep darkness and an essence in the making.
Stay close, as I ride an atom, the merest molecule,
Zipping hither and thither, far below a storm is breaking.

Hurtling, climbing, diving, hold tight, as we sweep
To join lookalikes and trigger spikes of power.
In a nano moment, zillions join us, we spark, rejoice,
We are a raindrop, life's insatiable nectar, humanity's flower.

And then we hold, pause, within our electrical field........
Can you see the beauty within our minuscule universe?
Blinding colour, myriad lifeforms conducive to love.
So short our time, as we hustle, bustle to disperse.

They lie naked upon the ground as the storm cloud breaks.
Individual raindrops smack skin and scatter.
Yielding properties essential to Earthbound life.
So, here we go Kiddo, destruction, what does it matter?

We hit the man on his lip and scatter into atoms,
And you and I fly forever to the lady by his side.
As her gaze slowly turns to her man, we land in her eye.
We are reborn as a teardrop and down her cheek we slide.

We fall unseen into the dirt, an aeon later we reach the river.
We are crucial to the mass like sand is to glass, down to the sea.
Now we can hold tight and roll and love with delight,
For soon we'll float upwards with a certain tranquility,

To be reborn again as a raindrop.

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