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Rusty Broadspear

Darkness drapes the landscape,
Nettles fold, lay their sting.
She walks the horizon,
Silhouetted grace
And begins to sing.

His thoughts spiral inwards,
Focusing on frozen light.
A velvet kiss draws closer.
Butterflies sleep,
Mindless of flight.

Reaches out, cries her name.
Tips of trees tremble knowingly.
Silence offers her reply.
Eyes to the stars,
She walks glowingly.

So many journeys travelled.
Both seeking something new.
Encroaching entrapment
He curls foetal
Too tired to pursue.

Electrified streets blazed life,
Crowded chaos, disarray,
A universe away.
The world carried on,
A tired world at play.

The Moon skedaddled the sky,
Her head thrown back,
Hair hanging down,
Strutting a coolness.
And then all went black.

He focused on frozen light
Dancing before his eyes.
Smelled her body,
Reached out a last time,
And embraced the darkness
In deep purple sighs.

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