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I Know You


Rusty Broadspear

I know you, oh so very well,

Your age and sex is of no import to me.

If you should grin and leave because you do not believe,

Then nothing will change,

I will still know you, oh so very intimately.

Read on reader but beware

For my insight has the power to scare

The sturdiest of souls.

Sit back, relax for a moment,

Tension will surely soon return.

I know you carry many agendas,

To fulfill one today will mean many are added.

I know this, you know this

We are both very much aware.

You only appear to be in control.

You are fighting cancerous monsters

Of susceptibility and vulnerability.

Momentary panic attacks,

Nervous signals from Scaresville,

Wherever that might be, you know there is such a place.

Reminders of the relentless flow of time,

Unkept promises.

Forever too late to say unsaid words

Now parting is accomplished

And back is turned and you’ve walked away.

Who have you hurt recently?

Intend to put matters right? You know you won’t.

You are living with intentions

And a package of so many pretentions,

As you steal each day as if it was yours.

You are receiving more than your worth

And have learnt to deal with guilt.

Dispensing meagre measures of goodwill

With no effort, easily afforded,

Nothing ruined, nothing spilt.

Smug, yet deeply afraid in life,

Knowing death awaits

But your ticket to Heaven is bought and paid for.

Swallowing doubts as they rise up to argue.

Looking forward to a holiday.

Friends and family, pillars of support.

Deeply buried suspicions and resentment

That only you and I know of,

Bubble and fester, bitter and bilious.

As you take more from another day.

Well reader, are your nerves raw and sore,

Have icy fingers touched and lightly scraped?

I could tell you more, a lot more.

I know you, oh so very well

As we both stealthily, tentatively, step into the future.

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