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Hit the Street


Rusty Broadspear

Amidst the smell of car fumes
Of city sweat
And expensive perfumes,
Amidst the cacophonic screech of traffic
Always liberally seasoned with sirens,
Of men digging holes,
Of people noises,
Helicopters and planes,
Amidst the constant jangle
Of my thoughts......................
I heard a gunshot.

Not a million miles away.
Oh no.
But I heard it.
Then, three streets away
Something caught my eye,
It was a body tumbling from a building
I watched it float gracefully
Down the sky.
I didn't hear the sickening thud,
I didn't see the pavement and people
Splattered with guts, bone and blood,
But I felt it.

At the bar that night,
I heard on the news
That three had been killed.
The body scored a direct hit
On a young couple
Shopping for an engagement ring.
I sat at a table and cradled my drink,
My rifle was in the bag beside me,
I took a sip and gave the waitress a wink.

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