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Goodbye to WV


Rusty Broadspear

I've decided to call it a day
Inspiration has died
Words have dried
I have nothing left to say.

Writer's cul-de-sac
No room for turning
No point in adjourning
Please cut me some slack.

In fact I've decided
To become someone new
It's something to do
Maybe I'm misguided.

As for all my past work
I'd like it deleted
And I don't feel defeated
Seriously, this is not a quirk.

My new name is Shiny Slimgun
My new words may be foul
Delivered with a growl
And, friends, I have begun.

I will be posting to a new site
'Bad Writers Rejoice'
So, goodbye, Writers Voice
My future is bright.

I'll write straight from my head
My hearts stopped pumping
Muse no longer jumping
There's a new me, instead.

Knew I'd never be Shakespeare
So gonna concentrate on junk
No longer a monk
New life, new frontier.

So, I suppose it's goodbye folks
Nice knowin' ya
But I'm outgrowin' ya
I'll miss ya and all that evokes.

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