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Good Luck - Godspeed


Rusty Broadspear

Sailing daily, taking salty air

Facing each horizon

Discarding demons,

Dwelling on cold lands where

Runs freedom in herds of bison,

And wind blows through her hair.


See the sea around me,

From deepness thanking God,

Sheís rid her shackles

Discovered happiness.

Salty water streaking cheeks

Praise the Lord to protect

My parting soul

My strange Princess.


I take the helm

And turn toward destiny

It takes a man to ride with pride

These charging giants,

Whilst letting pirates of perchance

Rape and pillage my mind.


It takes a man to hide

To curl and take the blows,

Then to stand again

And take the helm.

To embrace this life,

Rejoice in otherís happiness

And rejected wrongs.


To listen to and feel

The Sounds of God

And Angelís songs.

So take my hand oh fellow man

Feel my pride in you.


Fellow traveller,

You take your helm

As we all are wont to do.

Good luck kind heart

And may your God,

Your true companion

Always travel with you.

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