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Fairy Queen


Rusty Broadspear

I'm greying round the temples, I don't feel a young man anymore,
But I dominate the scene and I'm everybody's Queen.
Yes I'm the Fairy Queen that all the young bucks adore.
God save me, God save the Fairy Queen.

God save the Queen

Young men treat me with the respect that I deserve,
Any single one of them, I would welcome as my King.
Holding my distance, as they stand in awe and observe,
Then, in unison, they all begin to sing.

God save the Queen.

I've seen straight men bend, when in the spotlight of my eye.
Faces filled with wonderment and admiration.
Yes I'm the Fairy Queen, on that you can rely.
God, deliver this Queen from temptation.

God save the Queen.

'Thoughtful, kind and gentle,' words that describe me best.
A divine like figure in the company of males.
With all of these qualities, lucky to be blessed,
Immaculately dressed and with painted fingernails.

God save your Fairy Queen, God save the Queen.

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