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Eyes of Deep Sighs


Rusty Broadspear

It was so intense,

A still snapshot moment,

I was drawn into her eyes.

Happily wading in and very soon drowning.

Strong undercurrents from all directions

Pulling, pushing, stretching,

Painlessly dissecting,

Into inner sanctums,

Private, assertive.

Feeling capture with freedom,

Ecstasy with torment,

Swirling, churning.

As we stood under the orange halo

Of a street lamp,

Bedraggled in light rain.

Moments ago, my proposal accepted.

My palms held her cold wet cheeks,

Her nose was red,

Her eyes were wide,

No need for more words.

Eye contact beyond all boundaries,

All else was lost,

To whoever wanted all else.

It was time to explore.

Dizzily spinning,

Calling her name over and over,

Distant replies

In these eyes of deep sighs.

Wanting no more

But to remain and explore.

Slowly I surfaced

To subtle changing colours,

To salt water and rain

And release from all pain.

So lovingly close, tenderly tight,

The kiss carried us through this memorable night.

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