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Elsie's Precious Christmas


Rusty Broadspear

So many Christmases,
Stretching languidly back,
Through so very different ages.
As Elsie prepared drinks,
To the tune of 'Walking in the Air,'
Her mind flipped the pages
Of her personal book of life.

Her guests were few but precious.
Her sister and brother in law,
All the way from Scotland.
Her son, a fully fledged doctor,
From Brixton Harbour, Devon.
And her daughter in law, nurse,
Whom she regarded as her daughter.

So many topics to traverse.
She steadily carried drinks into the room.
Her family, were snacking,
Smiling, talking quietly, relaxing.
A real Christmas ambience.
The drinks, gratefully received,
One by one, with a Christmas cheer.

Conversation bounced gently,
Of golden childhood memories,
Of journeys, family adventures.
The quiet of carols filled the room,
The fire blazed such promise.
The dark sky outside threatened snow.
Scented window candles, each one a prayer.

Elsie, so proud of her family, raised her glass,
"May peace reign over us."
'Eve lightly stepped back with a curtsey,
To allow in Christmas day.
Elsie began to clear the untouched snacks and drinks.
Then switched off the light and closed the door,
To an ever empty room.

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