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Richard W. Razvillas

I once had a friend who sat alone and cried! 
I wondered about it and asked her why! 
She stated "we're co-workers" and went no further! 
I could see that she hurt and didn't want to be a bother! 

She is normally so full of joy and fun to be around, 
This burden she bears brings no joyful sound. 
I would like to help to lessen the hurt, 
She is such a sweet friend, but now she's so curt. 

The pain in her eyes is apparent to some, 
I know she is hurting, but I'm not the only one! 
Who ever hurt her, must not realize the treasure, 
He stands to lose if he doesn't change forever. 

The pain needs to heal and she needs to recover,
Before her spirit is damaged and she looks to another.
She is so outgoing and full of the laughter of life,
May she again dance in the sun and be rid of strife.

When will her smile return, when will I see her sparkling eyes, 
She's like the rainbow that appears after stormy skies. 
May this storm pass quickly and not leave her blue,
May she know she is loved and her friends are true.

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