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Spiritual Graduation


Raquel Imes

I come to You Father, in the night at this late time,
After reviewing and studying for several exams of mine;
The end of the school year approaches and my exodus for college is near,
I know You’re busy with other graduates, but will You remember me at the
beginning of next year?
My high school journey’s been rocky, but You were there for me all the way,
Even there to ease my punishment on the dreadful report card day;
I learned to converse with You in prayer at the simple clasp of my hands,
And when my friends asked how I got an ‘A’, in my heart I knew it was the
Great I Am;
You provided me with a good breakfast on the morning of my SATs,
Even though I partied the night before, You blessed me with an 1120;
Well God, it’s time now and I’m sitting here in this cold steel chair,
Waiting for my turn to walk across the stage as thousands expectedly stare;
As I grab the official document, I soon become aware,
That I’ve started rejoicing early, and have thrown my hands in the air;
But I wasn’t waving and saying hi to all of my friends,
I was lifting my hands in praise and recognition of Him;
He brought me from a freshman to this glorious day,
And I owe Him all the thanks, and just wanted to say:
I can see Him next to my family in the stands giving an approving nod,
And now I know I owe everything to Him, for my success… for my life...

Thank you God.

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