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Cupid's Power


Raquel Imes

The journey has startedÖ the change begins,
All others seem to notice, but your awareness ends;
Like the cycling of the seasons, everything occurs on time,
From the constant presence of a daydream, to the classic gleam in the eye;
The residual presence of that personís name on your lips,
The uneven balance of emotions has your mind turning, turning, and finally tips;
It tips over to expose that deep reservoir of despair,
Encasing something, maybe love, or just intense, profound care;
The deep thought approaches, confusion sets in,
You are now susceptible to the wrath of Cupidís den;
The emotional war has started, the soulful battles ensue,
You pray this chaos will lead your mind to a life anew;
You flee behind silence, the strong mirage of doubt,
No amount of contemplation could prepare you for what this change is about;
The false mask is dissolved in the vast ocean of fear,
Because you donít want to release your grip on the things familiar, so dear;
To other victims, a sign of distress is sent,
Now you know you shouldíve listened, you understand what your friend meant;
The boiling storm reaches its peak and simmers to its last hour,
As the dove of peace is set free, ready for your heart to devour;
Itís overÖ itís complete and the world didnít come to an end,
Youíve just completed your arduous quest and over that new horizon you can descend;
Oh, I understand youíre expecting pomp and circumstance from up above,
But you see, here is your reward, donít think just fall in love.

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