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R.L. Walker

When the "Highway of Life" seems Bumpy,

And you're getting a little bit grumpy,

Check the rear-view mirror to see,

Just how Bumpy a road this can be.

Look at the miles you have already driven,

Compare 'em to how you're now living.

And if these are less Bumpy than those,

Be happy that road has been "closed."

Avoid old distractions, and trash,

That "littered" your Yesterday's path.

Gaze deep in that mirror . and see,

Just how Bumpy Today's miles could be.

So . don't let Anger, Self-Pity, and Fear,

Hitch rides in your "backseat" and steer.

Just pull off to the side of the road,

And give 'em . the hearty "heave-ho."

On the "Highway of Life" there are Bumps,

With "detours" and "off-ramps" for Grumps.

So if you rattle, and shake ... with each mile,

Keep an eye on that mirror . and Smile,

For the lessons . of "Yesterday's" Bumps!

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