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A Gentle, Soft Rain


R.L. Walker

Watch how Heaven’s skies,
Cleanse their blue eyes,
Ridding them of Weather’s pain,
By preparing ... a Gentle, Soft Rain.

Dark clouds rolling in,
Nearly time to begin,
Skies ready to “loose”... their disdain,
With a Refreshing ... and Gentle, Soft Rain.

Now the hint of a breeze,
Uplifting leaves in the trees,
Their faces skyward … do remain,
Awaiting the gift ... of a Gentle, Soft Rain.

Tiny puffs ... of dust,
Appear ... as they must,
When first drops splash on the plain,
“Calling Cards” ... for a Gentle, Soft Rain.

The tempo builds slowly ... then quickens,
A small rivulet widens ... and thickens,
Hauling bits of debris ... to the drain,
Cleansing “Renewal” ... by a Gentle, Soft Rain.

Almost like Magic ... it seems,
Nature re-paints all Her greens,
As plants ... one and all ... act the same,
Most “Grateful” ... for this Gentle, Soft Rain.

Now there are breaks ... in the clouds,
As Sky finds a way ... through its shrouds,
And there’s sunlight, and blue sky ... again,
Announcing “The End” ... of a … “Gentle, Soft Rain.”

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