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I Can Only Feel The Pain, can You?


R.H. Sarah

You left me lying around like a piece of dirt,
You left me bleeding with a love so heartless,
Was this pain enough to survive is it this worth,
You left me like a junk in a garage that is worthless,
I was all lonely in the dark, alone, so lone with the pain,
I can only feel the pain, can you?
When you had left me, I begged for you,
When you hit me on my face your hate was true,
I cried for your forgiveness, the pain was harsh
I can only feel the pain, can you?

I wrote letters for our days of love,
I heard you tore them thinking it was lump,
I called you on phone but you were stumped,
You should realize my love for you, my love
Not anyone can do like this to you,
And I know it and believe it and I woo
That you someday will respect me,
But till that day I will be immersed in pain,
But these words are uttered to you in vain,
Because I can only feel the pain, can you?

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