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R.H. Sarah

They marched in with proud shoulders held high,
They marched over the blooded bodies of people,
Killing those who questioned a question as to ‘why?’
They marched in with their heads up high in the sky
As if they wanted to show God their own superiority
But remember, it is his human beings who chop off
Remember they were someone’s brothers and fathers
Have you ever realized the real meaning of a lost member?
Have you ever felt the feeling of a bullet into your limbs?
If not then never think of nothing never loose your temper

They marched in with proud shoulders held high,
Killing those who questioned a question as to ‘why?’
They marched over a dead mother holding her daughter,
As if embraced in her mother’s arms nothing could happen
No bullet, no missile, no tank, can harm around that quarter.
As if her mother’s arms were the only safer place, until she died
Still thinking it was the best place to hide and yet not yet.

Their boots crackled splashing a pool of muddy blood,
They felt them unclean; but their actions were purest of soul,
They never thought a minute, to whom it could have belonged,
They never thought a minute how their authorities have wronged
The blood on which their boots plashed belonged to a young man
His eyes held dreams of his future, how he would become a doctor.
In the end, he himself needed one, who just was killed by a bullet.

They kept marching on and on without any rest, without a stop
They marched over some and their heads held right on the top.
They saw a dead enfant, quite healthy by his mother’s milk,
So petite, so beautiful so naïve so innocent like his own ilk.
How he showed his tantrums to get his way, how he cried
How he kicked his legs, how he smiled at familiar faces.
How he got his way through, nothing he did but only tried
But this time, he couldn’t get his way he was half alive
He cried for mercy, he cried for help, he cried for an aid.
Nothing could have stopped this war, neither his tantrums -
Neither his kicks, neither his naivety nor his beautiful smile.
And they marched on and on and on and on…

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