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Peter Sprenkeler

I sit in anguish as I see the state of the world,

Where bullets are fired and bombs are hurled.

Death and destruction, mayhem and strife,

Seems that no one cares for the human life.

I wonder why this intolerance and hatred goes on,

I sit in horrified awe as the innocent plod on.

In their thousands, lost, bleeding and battered,

Their lives and their hopes, like their homes, are now shattered.

Loved ones taken and tortured - put to the sword,

I weep, uncontrolled, and cry out to the Lord.

It's happening everywhere - this violence and pain,

It has descended on the world - hatred like rain.

Why is it so? Surely these things we must alter.

Unless they are do I warn; life itself here will falter.

Seems that an eye for an eye is the motto of most,

Get even at any cost - to this they toast.

Oh how tragically wrong - this human mindset prevails,

The blood of the innocent, in the fields leave trails.

Butchered in hundreds - surely you must weep,

Innocent lambs - humans - slaughtered like sheep.

I throw up my arms in awe, rage and horror,

As I see this injustice come to the fore.

I wonder what I can do - safe, secure in my home,

There is no war here - but surely I am not alone.

You'll meet your Maker one day and He'll ask,

"What did you do to take this injustice to task

"What did you do as My flock endured so much pain

"Or did you just ignore, for material gain?"

"Did you sit idly by, rest content in your chair

"While My people, your brothers, died like flies everywhere?"

Shout your protests from the rooftops; let all hear your call,

At least before God you'll stand very tall.

I protest in each way possible, even to the Lord above,

The reason for it all is the absence of LOVE.

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