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The Human Spirit


Peter Sprenkeler

There are so many matters that can bring one down,

In this life so difficult how can we make it through?

Love and finances and the often battered emotions,

Unexpected circumstances continually arise anew.


It is the human spirit that will see us survive,

That indomitable characteristic we all do own.

That will not allow us to be trodden down,

To conquer all of life's disasters we're thrown.


When all seems to point to a hopeless result,

The human spirit rallies and seeks out a way.

When circumstance screams you are defeated,

Your spirit will let you taste victory today.


It is the stuff that drives you on relentless,

You may not be aware of its awesome power.

But when you are at your absolute lowest,

Your spirit enjoys its finest hour.


It is geared to fight and defy the odds,

It thrives when the situation is dire.

You may have given up in abject defeat,

But it is just beginning to catch on fire.

So lean on this powerful ally within,

It will not let you down when you most need it.

Just value the fact that it lies within you quietly ready,

Just train yourself to assist and feed it.

You will have no greater a friend and adviser,

When life bites you and leaves you shattered.

For that is when the human spirit is unleashed,

And will win, leaving defeat smarting and battered!

Written for all those bruised, battered and discouraged by the circumstances of life!

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