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Peter Farrell

Robots, Cows and Fanny

Hello Fanny,

Hope you are having fun with the robots and the cows! Well if you don't feel like reading this e-mail I won't mind. I understand that you would much prefer to be at mass than reading about my boring life.

Well here goes...yes as you now have guessed I no longer have any association with a certain person. Terminated, belated actually should have done it long ago. I can only laugh as to why on earth I should have stayed with someone like that. I guess we always know these things but we think we can change stuff...and of course if the person does'nt listen well no point even wasting energy...but of course we do waste all that time, energy and $$$$ and in the end..." a little voice says" I told ye" Well before I join a closed monastery somewhere on the west coast of Ireland I'd like to make a few confessions to you. You deserve it. Why do deserve this? Well if anything should ever happen I want you know. Simple as that!

Yes you were the best thing that ever walked into my life but I was a little confused.....

Yes you kidnapped me and made love to me and yes and I was confused...

yes I kidnapped you and brought you to hospital and again I was confused...

Yes I spent that night watching over you and I was confused......

Yes you helped me clean carpets and stupid chairs on your way home from University...and of course I was confused.....

Yes you cooked for me like no one ever did...and of course I was confused.......

Yes you wanted me to hold your hand but I was too confused

Yes I wanted to say so many things but I was still confused.....

Yes I spent the last 3 years thinking of your name...and

yes I always talked about you and the guys listened in awe.

yes I told them the truth and they were very confused...

yes I remember how for one moment in my life I had someone always standing behind my shoulder...and that was you,

Thank you Fanny, I am no longer confused.

Love Peter

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