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Pepper Herman



The Doomsdayers

Rob Marchand - Former Vietnam helicopter pilot

Diego Bayamon - Orderly at Drayton Memorial Hospital

Ed Hambrick - Moderator of The Doomsday Club

Molly Rabinowitz - A Doomsdayer

Doctors at Drayton Memorial Hospital

Dr. Donald A. Greyburn - Chief of Oncology

Dr. Benjamin J. Reiger - Head of Neurology

Dr. Thomas Dadero - Head of  Pulmonary

Dr. Joseph Rossigian - Head of Gastroenerology

Dr. Craig Aspel - Rob’s private physician

Rest of Cast

Caitlin Cassidy Marchand (“Cate”) - Rob’s wife

Octavius Gumbs (“The Scrounger”) - Rob’s Vietnam buddy

Avery Burnham - Philadelphia Sentinel reporter

“Haissem” (Edmund Charles Woolverton) - Utopia cult leader

“Steel” (Estevan Valdez) - Drug Lord

Melissa Ramsey - Ed Hambrick’s daughter

Chris Ramsey - Ed Hambrick’s son-in-law

Julian Ramsey - Ed Hambrick’s grandson

Dr. Mavis Raymond - Emergency room doctor at St. Rita’s hospital


Prologue - Vietnam, 1971

Chapter 1 - Rob

Chapter 2 - The Seed

Chapter 3 - The Doctors

Chapter 4 - Cate and Rob

Chapter 5 - Diego

Chapter 6 - Donald Greyburn

Chapter 7 - Molly

Chapter 8 - The Arrangement

Chapter 9 - Ed

Chapter 10 - The Mission

Chapter 11 - The Conspiracy

Chapter 12 - Cate

Chapter 13 - The Doomsdayers

Epilogue - The Confession

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