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Once and Future


Paul Grimsley

here is an all points broadcast
we need to find arthur fast
drag excalibur out of its stone
and make your way back from avalon
hope has left us all alone
and virtue is surely gone
merlin divines the zeitgeist from the times
and wakes up knights with weaving rhymes
that wend down alleys wind along rivers
stick like thorns in a country that shivers
through years of a nightmare
we come to a place with familiar face
and find that he spent the night there
but apart from words there is little trace
and so we have to move on making a map as we go
perhaps the lady in the lake with the sword will know
percival true-seeker fool feels old and out of step
he's gone back to school to learn what age made him forget
the fisher-king gives us his badge to wear
balin regrets the dolorous blow still
they found the grail but where
it is now they do not know an ill
wind blows and the black knight is abroad
someone must point the way with a sword
but it sits there in its stone untouched
and under the heels of forgetful time memory is crushed

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