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Thank God For F Ru


Paul Curtis

She had been on my mind

A great deal of late it seems

Images and moments of her

Vividly filling my dreams

Though thirty years had passed

All too quickly as a matter of fact

I decided I would Google her

And thatís not a euphemistic sexual act

Though that is a delicious thought

But a global search on internet

Producing the usual multitude of hits

Most of them spurious you can bet

Amongst the list before me I found

A teacher very well respect they say

A dancer and a musician but not her

But apparently I could buy her on eBay

So I thought I might just Yell

Not at anyone necessarily

But search through the online

Comprehensive yellow pages directories

However it proved fruitless

As I didnít know what town she was in

Or if her name had changed

It was difficult even to begin

Then I had a brain wave

And I went to Friends Reunited

There at least I may have a chance

After login in I actually got exited

First I Checked work places,

We worked together for a while

But no entry of her name

Not to worry the site is versatile

Then I checked the schools

All the schools within 20 miles

But no entry of her name

Not to worry the site is versatile

I checked the Armed forces,

The Duke of Edinburgh award scheme

College and university

And then clubs and teams

That only left streets to check

I knew where she lived long ago

30 years ago at least

But the name and number, no

I could have driven straight to it

But it was 100 miles away

It was so frustrating

And I almost gave up that day

Then I suddenly realized

I could find the street on Multimap

I traced the route I would have taken

And I found her street on Multimap

So quickly I entered the street name

On Friends Reunited

And lo and behold there was her name

And I got really exited

Quickly I sent her a message

I hope itís not treated as spam

Or even worse than that

She doesnít remember who I am

Then every day I check my mail

Hoping for a reply from her

And look on the site at my inbox

And every day there is nothing there

Weeks had gone by and nothing came

Then a message from her so sweet

She did remember who I was

And she wants us to meet

Iím a bit nervous and apprehensive

And worried about the event

Anyway nothing ventured, nothing gained

Iíll let you know how it went

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