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Paul Curtis

The Gorgons
The sisters three
Sthenno and Euryale
Had immortality

Medusa by far
Was most beautiful
But she was
Merely mortal

The god Poseidon
And the lovely Medusa
In love, desecrated
The temple of Athena

In revenge
Furious goddess Athena
Cruelly punished
The beautiful Medusa

Turning to snakes
Her lovely hair
Making her ugly
With a fatal stare

Her visage
Hideous to look upon
Mean death
From Medusa the gorgon

With scaly skin
And serpent hair
She awaiting victims
In her lair

One night
While Medusa slumbered
Brave Perseus struck
And her head was severed

Even after death
To look upon her
Would petrify
Any befalling her stare

Brave prince Perseus
After slaying Medusa
Delivered the head
To a grateful Athena

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