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If I Knew Then What I Know Now - Anne


Paul Curtis

If I knew then what I know now
I would not have hesitated for a second
I would have asked out Anne
Lovely self conscious Anne
Who never saw the beauty in herself
The brunette hair that framed her face
Her fabulous legs which she often kept covered
Her intoxicating laugh
The little scar on her cheek
That went red when she was tipsy
Anne who never saw what we all saw when we looked at her
Who always thought herself ordinary
Nothing could have been further from the truth
If only Id asked her
But I dithered and I was too late
And I lost her to another
So instead I ended up dating her younger sister
Just to stay close, which was torture
And if I knew then what I know now
That night after the dance
When I sat alone with her in the lounge
With Marion asleep in her bed
I would have crossed the room
And rummaged in that awful baggy caftan
That she always wore wrestling her out of it
And I would have spent every precious minute
Caressing her naked flesh
Playing her body like an instrument
While my girlfriend slept above
If only Id known then what I know now of life

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