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Paul Curtis

Faith is such a simple concept

Itís so simple

Itís just about belief

Itís so completely uncomplicated

You just have to believe

No strings attached

Just unconditionally believe

And if you do the world is your oyster

All your doubts and fears subside

When you accept his existence

His, hers its

The creator, the deity

The master puppeteer

Donít analyse it

Donít try to define it

To deconstruct it

Donít worry about the Who the what or the why

Its doesnít matter

Donít worry about who the creator is

It doesnít matter what race

What gender, what creed or what colour

Just accept it, embrace it

You still wonít be able to see it

But youíll know its there

Itís totally invisible to your senses

Yet it connects with you at the core

With your essence, your soul

You canít see it yet its wonders are all around

You canít hear it

Yet its sound fills the world

You canít taste it

But itís the spice of all life

You canít smell it

But its exotic and heady fragrance is on every breath of wind

And you canít touch it

But it can be felt when it touches you

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