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Long Ago


Patricia A. Cangelosi

I still remember long ago
The sun released a beaming glow
The innocence I used to know
A child had begun to grow
As sweet and perfect as could be
Content in life and running free
Not knowing one to hold a grudge
And never being quick to judge
Accepting all with just a glance
Providing all with equal chance

Soon arrived a different season
Giving life a stronger reason
A colder breeze began to blow
Was swifter than I used to know
Routine had fallen into place
A simple game became a race
To see the world through different eyes
Observing and becoming wise
Never bold enough to question
Holding back a true confession

The trees then shed their golden leaves
For now a lonely widow grieves
The wind creates a tearful tune
And dogs cry out to midnight’s moon
The snowflakes have begun to fall
And knowingly I watch it all
Incredible how things can change
Familiar times seem vague and strange

I still remember long ago
The happiness I used to know
At last I can appreciate
For now is gone and far too late
I knew it had to come to this
Those times I will forever miss
I now look back and I recall
The darkness that destroyed it all
A child had begun to grow
The sunshine smiled with her glow
The innocence I used to know
Was shattered, oh so long ago

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