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Ramblin's VIII


Pat Gluck

The things that make us all cry, from time to time, are merely preludes to all of the 'tomorrows' that await us. By cleansing our system that way, we will face the rising sun the next morning with a smile and with optimistic thoughts to battle anything that is negative. At the same time, we align ourselves with positive attitudes that are a must for our survival!

So, bear in mind that security systems 30 years ago were unheard of unless your home happened to have been the guarded building where gold reserves were stored. Nowadays if you should fart while walking down the sidewalk in front of your house, car alarms will wail and spring to life with beeps that can be heard blocks away, and sirens from police cars will become louder and louder until they screech to a halt outside your residence! Damned if they don't call this progress!!!

And, in the realm of truisms, there is no one 'philosophy of life' as a standard for each of us. We all have our own version of it, so we will plod on, with blinkers attached to our eyes, not recognizing nor caring what thoughts are in the minds of friends and families. Perhaps, through the use of the printed word, some ray of sunshine might pierce an otherwise dormant mind!

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