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Ramblin's VII


Pat Gluck

Well, that does it! While shopping with the wife, I noticed at least six folks using their damn cell fones in the store. I'm firmly convinced that this phenomenon appears to have social implications.

Those ninnies, waltzing up and down the grocery aisles talking, probably think they are presenting a 'cool' appearance and a wealthier-than-thou demeanor. If they're doing so for that reason, they've failed the 'test.' If they're practicing their 'skills,' hoping to irritate ME, they've succeeded 'cuz I merely shake my head and frown when I walk by them and hope, somehow, a little needle will pop outta their earpiece and give 'em a lance they'll never forget!!!

But, then, I'm only a committee of one and just last week, while having breakfast with friends, I HAD TO make a call at precisely 9:00 A.M. I excused myself, went to an unused bench at the front of the restaurant, and sat down in the shadows while making my call. I wouldn't think of dialing up while sitting at my table, nor would I prance around where folks could observe what I was doin'. Who knows, maybe some of them might think I was one of their own and applaud me for it. No, I found an isolated spot... well, almost isolated... to dial and talk.

And, as our friend Walter Cronkite used t' say, "So goes the world today!"

Funny how we can all criticize others but make excuses for our own actions all in the same breath!

And, speaking of 'regrets,' I have never owned a convertible. Back in my day the air was fairly clean and I could have driven along, with hair flying, watching the sun 'n clouds and everything else that a roof would have prevented me from seeing. About the only thing I DO remember is that one day, while waiting for a traffic light to turn green, the topless car in front of me had an unexpected experience. The 18 wheeler, alongside it, was well ventilated for the cargo of cows it carried. What happened next I'll leave to the reader's imagination! My wife and I laughed so hard I had to pull over to the curb for safety reasons. Before pulling over, however, the actions of the two occupants in that convertible resembled the Keystone Cops of the '20s. I never saw folks move that fast before! My mind, at this very moment, relives the incident and my lament over never having had that type car is softened somewhat!

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